Meeting the needs of the homeless since 1938.

Who We Are

  • We were established in 1938.
  • We have a solid, strong leadership.
  • We are financially sound.
  • We are debt free!
  • We have a Board that is stable and generous, and gives us clear direction.

Who We Serve

  • We serve 236 meals a day.
  • We house 58 individuals each night.
  • We distribute nearly $840 in clothing and household items each week.
  • Over 215 families come each week to our food pantry.
  • Nearly 130 day jobs are obtained each week by our guests

The Mission In Action

Four Reasons to Get Involved at The Mission

Give Back

You can gain satisfaction from knowing that you are making your neighborhood a better place to live.

Make Friends

Volunteering alongside others can build new relationships and provide opportunities to develop interpersonal skills.

Gain Skills

The Missions provides a no-pressure opportunity for you to gain valuable insight into a role and responsibilities.

Résumé Boost

Gaining some extra service experience can really help you stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs.