Current Job Openings

Men's Ministry Assistant Director

The position is an hourly paid position.

Must be willing to sign The Gospel Mission Statement of Faith and Marriage and Sexuality Statement, and must be a current member or regular attendee of a local Bible-teaching church.

Reports directly to the Director of Men’s Ministry.

Must be able to deal with people in a variety of circumstances.
Must be willing to uphold the standards and guidelines of The Gospel Mission.

Summary: Responsible for all aspects of the guest area (dayroom, dorm, mini dorm, laundry, dorm restroom, office), discipleship program supervision, safety compliance, complete oversight of the operation. Clear verbal and written skills are essential when dealing with guests, staff and other outside sources.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
• Treat all guests with dignity and respect while being sensitive to diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
• Share the Gospel when appropriate with guests and discipleship program guests.
• Inform and enforce guidelines and policies of the shelter and dorm.
• Resolve conflicts with a calm and peaceful attitude to the extent possible.
• Ensure that front desk operations and guest services functions are run efficiently and effectively.
• Answer phones in a professional manner.
• Conduct intakes and complete associated paperwork.
• Giving alcohol breath test to every guest prior to chapel service. Every day and at other times if consumption of alcohol is suspected. Administer alcohol breath test also to discipleship program guests and staff that live on-site every time they return to campus. Giving alcohol breath test to community as they enter the building.
• Supervise all guest activities during your shift.
• Supervise Discipleship Program guests working desk and security.
• Provide guests access to their medication prescription bags at designated time(s).
• At lights out verify guests on bed list are in dorm.
• Maintain a suspension of services log and file.
• Maintain a daily log of events during your shift.
• Maintain confidential client information data.
• Maintain statistical reports.
• Maintain the bed sign-up sheet and check the bed sign up sheet for accuracy at lights out.
• Review chore roster and that all chores are completed.
• Life Management of Discipleship guests to help them with transitional plans.
• Check State and National Sex Offender Registry on all new guests and monthly on all other guests.
• Cooperate with law enforcement agencies as required.
• Monitor all safety and fire hazards in the building.
• Maintains a daily list of any emergency services, police, fire, medical, etc.
• Following building security procedures.
• Ensure rounds of the entire building performed once each hour before lights out. Check for leaks; needed repairs; security breaches; noise level – TVs, radios, etc. are at an appropriate level.
• Submit building and janitorial requests as needed.
• Check each window and entrance/exit door and office doors, making sure they are secured and locked.
• Keep the office clean and orderly.
• Ensure that dayroom, dorm, mini-dorm, restroom and grounds are kept clean.

Physical demands/work environment: The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

Works in office area as well as throughout the facility. Sits, stands, bends, lifts and moves intermittently during working hours. Interacts with guests, staff, visitors, etc., under all conditions/circumstances. May be subject to hostile and emotionally upset guests or visitors, etc. under all conditions/circumstances.

Assume other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

If interested, please email your resume to [email protected]

Director of Thrift Store Operations

The position is a salary paid position.

Must be willing to sign The Gospel Mission Statement of Faith and Marriage and Sexuality Statement, and must be a current member or regular attendee of a local Bible-teaching church.

The DTSO reports directly to the Executive Director.

Must be able to deal with people in a variety of circumstances, both professionally and with Christ-like love.
Must be willing to uphold the standards and guidelines of The Gospel Mission.

Summary: The DTSO provides supervision, oversight and management of thrift stores' operations to generate revenues to support TGM programs and administration. The DTSO manages staff and volunteers, oversees sales, donations of merchandise, promotion of the stores in the community and internal fiscal controls. The DTSO is a member of the senior management team. As the DTSO, he/she will be responsible for ensuring the staff gives great customer service as well as monitoring the financial performance of the stores.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
• Manage the three locations: Main, Morningside and South Sioux City stores.
• Manage Donation Center and Clothing Center.
• Develop and implement written procedures for store operations, including opening and closing the store; procedures for accepting, sorting and pricing donations; security procedures for staff and volunteers.
• Handling of cash, sales, gift cards and vouchers; coordinating deliveries and pick-ups and other relevant procedures as needed.
• Oversee the processing of donated items, manage the rotation of items and the disposal of donated items in a timely fashion.
• Processes include sorting, tagging, displaying and disposing of donated items, providing leadership to staff and volunteers; sets standards for merchandise and communicates same.
• Manage supply inventory, completes purchase orders as necessary and monitors all invoices.
• Contribute to the development of annual revenue projections and meet financial goals.
• Understand budget management and control expenditures.
• Maintain and increase knowledge of resale, thrift, consignment and retail trends through daily reading (email list services, publications) and participation in webinars, staff meetings and periodic offsite training.
• Participate in training required by accreditation standards, plus performance and quality improvement efforts.
• Attend manager/staff meetings and keep store personnel informed of new policies and directives.
• Ensure all store maintenance is accomplished.
• Ensure staff assignments, breaks, PTO (vacation, sick, personal leave, etc.) are scheduled.
• Train, supervise, discipline and appraise staff and volunteers (assistant manager, third key, cashiers, donation door attendant, drivers, driver assistant, sorters, front desk/dispatcher, among others).
• Manage budgets and maintain statistical and financial records.
• Create and maintain overall store presentation.
• Motivate and inspire the team to achieve store productivity goals.
• Provide input to senior management decisions.
• Knowledge of and ensures compliance with all company policies and procedures, as well as legal requirements.
• Verify bank deposits and cash drawers at close of business and responsible for communicating over/shorts to accounting.
• Be available to customers and provide prompt and accurate checkout and ensure opening of second register as needed to ensure short wait times to checkout.
• Direct oversight of opening and closing procedures by delegated staff.
• Knowledge of company and store policies and procedures.
• Evaluate procedures and make recommendations for increased efficiency, savings and cost reductions.
• Provide leadership to staff and promote effective communication on all levels.

Supervisory Responsibilities: This job has supervisory responsibilities on overseeing the thrift store employees/volunteers, including, but not limited to:
• Consignment/Online Sales Coordinator
• Thrift Store Assistant
• Third Key
• Cashier
• Greeter
• Donation Door Attendant
• Backroom
• Sorter/Pricer
• Front Desk/Dispatcher
• Driver
• Drivers' Assistant
• Others

Education / Experience: Associate's degree required. A bachelor's degree in business, finance or marketing is highly preferable. Minimum three years' experience in retail management experience. Knowledge of city ordinances and associated inspection and compliance. Workforce management.

Computer Skills: To perform this job successfully, an individual should be proficient with MS Office, Excel and Word, Outlook, database programs, point-of-sale software, internet. Online HR and payroll access, point-of-sale and inventory software.

If interested, please email your resume to [email protected]