Q: Do you provide more than “3 hots and a cot?"

A: Yes, so much more! In addition to food and shelter, we seek to help our residents and guests grow their relationship with Christ and break the cycle of homelessness. Learn more about our Services.

Q: Is there really that much need in Sioux City for a Mission?

A: There really is. Local organizations estimate that there are about 300 homeless people on the streets of Sioux City every night and about 700 total in Woodbury County.

Q: Do you accept donations other than cash, such as food, clothing and home furnishings?

A: Yes, please! All of the items donated to our Mission go to helping those in need.

Q: Do you accept state and federal Funding or participate in United Way?

A: No. The Mission receives all of its support from individuals and other private sources of funding. We want to make sure that the funds we receive are able to be put to use carrying out all aspects of our Mission.

Q: Are you an independent organization?

A: Yes, we are! We are a member of the Gospel Rescue Mission Fellowship (GRMF) and not affiliated with any other nonprofits or churches.

Q: How can I be sure my gift will be used wisely?

A: When you give a donation to The Gospel Mission, we can absolutely ensure it is being put to good use helping people in need. Our Board of Directors provides oversight to all of the operations of the Mission. Additionally, a yearly financial audit is performed to verify that all accounting practices are being followed to ensure financial accountability of all gifts received. Our most recent auditor’s report indicates that less than 10% of our financial donations are used for administrative and overhead costs. We strive to be good stewards of all donations and utilize them wisely to provide the services of our Mission.