Our Team

Randy Ehlers
Executive Director

Nate Gates
Associate Executive Director of Ministry

David Delzell
Director of Development

Brian Maag
Director of Operations

Dan Evert, Director of Operations

Dan Evert
Director of Maintenance and Facilities

Jim Wilson
Director of Men & Men with Children's Shelters

Gary Nobis, Men’s Ministry Director

Gary Nobis

Caroline Druilhet, Women’s Ministry Director

Caroline Druilhet
Director of Women & Children's Ministry

Ashley Mareau
Director of Public Relations

Amy Mitchell
Resident Case Manager

Board of Directors

Thomas Fitch - President

Richard Salem - Vice President

Billy Oyadare - Secretary

Bryon Oines - Treasurer

Larry Axlund

Marlys Dose

Duane Vander Plas

Larissa Carrell

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