Our History


Henry and Edith Plumer founded the Mission in 1938. Its history has been lined with the faithful prayers, donations and service of God’s people, and has resulted in changed lives for many who have walked through our doors. In the 1930s, Henry Plumer became a new creation in Christ, and as he sought to share his newfound faith, he often found himself on skid row in Sioux City, proclaiming the Good News to those who shared a love for alcohol as he once did. His love for these people led to the founding of The Gospel Mission in 1938, and for 23 years, he and his wife Edith ministered faithfully to those whose lives were empty and downtrodden. 

Their dedication to their Lord and Savior, and the Lord’s grace to turn the downtrodden's love for alcohol to a love for God, was the perfect start to the ministry originally known as the Sioux City Gospel Mission.

In 1986 the city forced the relocation of the Sioux City Gospel Mission from Lower 4th Street to West 8th Street. With that move, The Mission expanded to include a Food Pantry and Clothing Room. Meals were also provided to the public, not just the residents of the Men’s Shelter! 

The expansion of the ministry included a Women and Children’s Shelter in 1999. And just a few short years later, a Thrift Store was opened. 

2006 the city once again anounced the relocation of the Sioux City Gospel Mission, in 2009 we moved from 8th Street to our current location on Bluff Street. With that move brought a change in our name, The Gospel Mission. Lastly, a Donation Center was leased just a few years later. We now hold a “campus style” environment with all facilities within a block and a half of each other.  

We know that change is constant, except for our God who changest not! The Word of God, which was central to this ministry at its founding, remains at its very core, for this is The Gospel Mission.  

We know God will continue to guide The Mission to carry out His will, for His glory, to save His children.  

Henry Plummer