101+ Days Sober!

Yuri hit a low point in his life recently due to his addiction to alcohol. He has been battling this addiction since he was a young teen. When he relapsed in March 2023, he began a downward spiral. He had to be hospitalized to detox. He entered treatment to try and gain sobriety.  

That relapse cost him his job and his home. He lost everything. He became homeless, and jobless. He was in great fear, not knowing what to do. Trying to stay sober and rebuild his life, he entered a sober living facility. That did not work out for him. 

The Gospel Mission gave him the greatest gift he has ever received. The gift of hope. The Gospel Mission is not just a homeless shelter. This place gave him a reason to look forward to the future. We want the same goals he is wanting himself. He currently helps in our Food Pantry Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Those hours he is helping us meet people, help distribute food, is also helping distribute hope and goodwill. Which is inherit to the mission of The Gospel Mission. 

He has been given the time and security in having a roof over his head, and food so he can obtain the job training and help finding a home. None of this would be nearly as possible if he were living on the street or under a bridge. He says he is not sure he would be able to keep the sobriety or insanity without the gifts The Gospel Mission bestows on him. It is really a “hands up” to those in need.   

He looks forward to more volunteer time here, so he can begin giving back. To show what can be done once a person trusts the balance The Gospel Mission gives. 

Yuri has been a tremendous help around our facility. And when asked for some suggestions, where we can improve... he gives them! He is an answered prayer for us. Can’t wait to watch him grow!