Meet Amy

Amy Mitchell - Resident Case Manager

Amy is our Resident Case Manager. She started working at The Gospel Mission in January of 2023. She said it has always been a dream for her to work with people in need.

Amy helps our residents the most by being a friendly face for them to talk to daily. She listens to them, and their needs. They trust her. She directs people to the proper agencies to help their needs, if we cannot. She helps fill out job applications, housing applications. She will assist them when trying to get a new ID, Green Card, EBT card, Medicaid, and food stamps. She said housing has been where she has helped the most. And a lot of issues the residents have with housing is poor credit. She will then guide them with banking, and help budget their money. If you have no ID you cannot work. We have to try and remove that as an obstacle. She has helped men get back into school, some have graduated from college even! Unfortunately she has also had to arrange a funeral for someone who had no family. Proving how huge her heart really is! She is very mindful of how the transition into a Homeless Shelter can be, so she makes sure to follow up with them on day 2, and beyond, about how it is going.

She prays for success for everyone we serve! Amy will even try and help the community members that come in. The process can be a long, hard one, and she tries to remedy that.