To Feed the Hungry, To Clothe the Poor, To Shelter the Homeless, To Lead Them to Christ

Programs & Ministries

The Gospel Mission continually adapts to the needs of our community by offering a variety of programs and services to address the complex needs of the homeless in the Siouxland area. Our lifeskills program services include:

  • Increased Bible study and discipleship
  • Alcoholism relapse prevention
  • Financial management training
  • Work assessment and improvement
  • Personal skill set inventory and awareness
  • Job seeking and interviewing skills
  • GED classes in partnership with local resources
  • Most Excellent Way discipleship

Of course, at the core of what we do is focusing on the need to present our clients with the hope that our Lord offers to those who trust their lives to Him. Hence, within each facet of our training, we will provide a biblical perspective to enhance the opportunity for success for our clients.

Gospel Mission's Programs and Ministries



The Gospel Mission helps men overcome drug and alcohol dependencies, provides life-skills training, educational opportunities, job readiness and spiritual development.


The Gospel Mission helps women overcome drug and alcohol dependencies, provides education and career training, spiritual development, financial management, cooking and parenting classes.

Friends in Need

Assist over 200 families a week through our food pantry, provide over $825 in clothing and household items each week, officiate local funerals, provide 3 meals a day for the hungry and a monthly Gospel Service.

Food Pantry

The Gospel Mission Food Pantry exists to help families in need with grocery items to augment their food budget. Families may come to the food pantry to receive assistance once a month for canned and non-perishable items, but may come daily for perishable items. Over 200 families a week are serviced through this ministry.  Located at our main facility at 500 Bluff Street, the Food Pantry hours are M-F 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Donations of perishable and non-perishable food items are always welcomed and may be brought to our delivery door at 500 Bluff Street, or donors may call our office (712-255-1769) to arrange for pickup of the donation.  Such donations will be used in our food pantry and in our kitchen.

Thrift Store

The Gospel Mission Thrift Store is one of the most engaging and one of the largest second-hand stores in the region. Items available within our store include men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and outerwear, knickknacks, books, kitchenware, furniture and household appliances (large and small), and much, much more.

Our Thrift Store also provides resources for some of our many ministries through our give-away voucher program and through providing job program opportunities to our residents. In fact, in 2017, The Gospel Mission gave away over $825 a week in merchandise to those who had need. Our store hours are 9:30-5:00 M-F and 9:30-2:30 on Saturday, and our phone number is 712-224-5605. Donations to our thrift store may be made during store hours, or you may call our main office at 712-255-1769 to arrange to have your donation scheduled for pick up.

Single Women With Children Shelter

The Gospel Mission Women and Children’s Shelter… 
A Dream Come True! 

Since 1999, over 2500 different women and children have been ministered to, and many have come to Christ. For several years now, an area church has organized a group to come and make many renovations on the inside of our building. Replacing carpet and furniture, doing painting and window dressing, renovating offices and rooms, along with bringing a great deal of encouragement to our clients, this group has been able to significantly improve the inside appearance, providing a very home-like atmosphere to those who come through our doors.  Such volunteer efforts demonstrate the partnership that many of our churches and communities have with the Mission.  In fact, numerous churches and volunteers have served the Mission 25 years or more.

The greatest work being done at our shelter is by our Lord and Savior.  Our focus is on discipleship, sharing the good news of the Gospel, and then helping our guests grow in the faith when they turn their hearts to Christ.  Our joy is in knowing that a former guest is being used of God to help lead the effort in this ministry!  Recently, over a two month period, we were able to witness half of the residents earnestly seek a saving relationship with Him!  Additionally, many have been able to obtain longer-term housing and assistance beyond the shelter walls.  The greatest joy we have is in knowing that as they leave, they take the promise of eternity with them.

Single Men with Children Shelter

The broken family used to be a mother and her children. More frequently, we now see men with their children seeking shelter and services. The U-shaped facility consists of four apartment- style units each with two bedrooms which house up to 32 people. Our Single Men with Children’s Shelter is a six month program intended to help move a man and his children to a better life.

Help us make a difference in the lives of the Homeless in Siouxland