Crystal's Baptism

Testimonials | August 1, 2023
Crystal was born in Cherokee, Iowa. Her family moved to Connecticut when she was a toddler. While there, The Salvation Army came to the complex to let them know of church services they were offering. Her and her 3 siblings began to attend church on a regular basis.   Quite a few years later …

Lost 1/2 of Me

Testimonials | January 16, 2023
Katrina was living "The American Dream". Her and her husband were in Georgia at the time, they had the beautiful home with a nice yard. A very LOVED dog named Emma Jean filled this house with so much fun! Katrina and her husband worked together at a hotel, she was the head of housekeeping, and he …

2022 Holiday Newsletter

Testimonials | December 13, 2022
God Had Big Changes in Store for Donavon Donavon thought the rest of his life was set in place. He was married to a wonderful woman, his construction career was booming and his house in Kansas City was almost paid off. Then his wife passed away unexpectedly at home and everything changed. Unable to …

Moving with the Music

Testimonials | November 21, 2022
James was born in Atlanta, GA. But with his love & passion for music, he has moved to over 33 states in the last 300 days. He moved to Iowa for a relationship, which later turned toxic. He found himself at The Gospel Mission. He has lived at other missions he says, but none are like The Gospel …

I'm where I'm supposed to be

Testimonials | August 1, 2022
In April, Crystal Carrillo-Ealy found her way to The Gospel Mission. Originally from Omaha, she came to Sioux City to take care of her sick aunt and uncle who were like parents to her. When her uncle passed away, she wanted to stay in the area to continue caring for her aunt. Crystal had been in …

A Happy Accident

Testimonials | July 25, 2022
Ken would tell you he came to The Gospel Mission in September 2021 by “accident.” He was driving through Sioux City when his truck broke down, and while waiting for it to be fixed, he was mugged and had to go to the hospital. After they stitched him up, an officer brought him to the Mission. “I …